Nestled at the vibrant intersection of Yonge & St. Clair, our luxury rental apartments are not just about upscale living spaces but about fostering a tightly-knit community. Here, we believe that building connections goes beyond the physical walls of a home. Join us as we explore how Commonwealth Towers cultivates a unique sense of belonging and community through our exclusive events and spaces designed just for you.

Exclusive Resident Events: More Than Just Gatherings

At Commonwealth Towers, we understand that our residents cherish both privacy and social interaction. With this in mind, we orchestrate exclusive events that convene like-minded individuals who appreciate luxury and sophistication. From BBQs and yoga on the terrace to ice cream days, our events are thoughtfully designed to not only entertain but also to create opportunities for residents to connect and form lasting relationships.

Creating Connections Through Shared Interests

Our events calendar is a reflection of the diverse interests of our residents. You’ll find an event that not only entertains but also resonates with your personal interests. These gatherings are not just fun; they are a platform for networking with peers who share your lifestyle and values.

Designed for Interaction: Exclusive Spaces at Commonwealth Towers

Understanding the importance of spaces that encourage casual interaction and relaxation, Commonwealth Towers features several resident-only areas that serve as perfect spots for unwinding and socializing. Our contemporary lounge areas, fully-equipped gym, and multi-purpose room (which can be used as a party room, work area with free wifi and desks, and for recreational activities such as ping pong and fuse ball) - all equipped with a full kitchen and big screen tv - along with the pool terrace area, have been thoughtfully designed to create a welcoming environment that encourages residents to socialize in a relaxed and luxurious setting.

Luxury Amenities That Bring People Together

Our amenities are crafted with a focus on community building. The fitness center is more than just a place to work out—it encourages a community of health and fitness lovers. The pool area, equipped with comfortable lounging spots, invites residents to enjoy sunny days together in an setting.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We believe in evolving through the voices of our community. Regular surveys and feedback mechanisms are in place to ensure that the events and amenities at Commonwealth Towers meet and exceed the expectations of our residents. Your input directly shapes the community initiatives, making sure they are always in tune with your needs and preferences.

Commonwealth Towers is not just about luxury living; it’s about creating a vibrant, supportive community where every resident feels connected and valued. Our exclusive events and thoughtfully designed spaces are just the beginning. We invite you to join us at Commonwealth Towers, where your new home extends beyond your apartment door and into a community full of life, luxury, and connectivity.

Ready to experience the pinnacle of luxury community living? Contact us today to schedule a tour and discover how Commonwealth Towers can be your new home.